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Mobility beyond borders requires many processes, we have integrated ourselves into the culture and legal practices of the countries we operate in so we can facilitate cross-border business in the easiest way possible. Our expertise will guide you through all these, so your transfer will be seamless.


1. During 15 years, we've been marked as the esteemed service provider of consultancy and processing as for travel documents, work permits, investment, immigration, etc.

2. At the beginning of 2007, we established our affiliate to further consult, support and provide clients with the variety of citizenship and residency programs of which suitings best to every and each client's demands.

3. Established at the beginning of 2017, we took advantages of management experience and development basis from with the key people. Going further with the valued resources, our valued partner continues to develop sustainably and our orientation set forth for the expansion of products and/or services so as to every and each client's demand.

4. All of the consultants are trained and work globally. Altogether, we're talking use of our experiment, knowledge, creation, and considerable global experience to mark the solutions best suited to our clients.

5. Each of them is well-knowledged that our success story resulted from and publicly told by our closed cooperation and high team-working spirit to serve our clients best in mutually shooting any of arising issues, matters, and even troubles.



1. USA - Permanent Residency by Investment:
Provide clients with the totalized consultancy services about applicable Residency by Investment programs, e.g. EB-5, E2, L-1, etc.

2. Canada - Permanent Residency by Investment:
Consults clients the Permanent Residency by Investment programs in British Columbia with applicable solutions, as of PNP, Skilled-worker, Start-up Visa, etc.

3. UK - Permanent Residency by Investment:
Offer clients the consultancy services for both Individual Investor (UKIIP) and Entrepreneurs (UK ENT) for them to achieve the permanent residency.

* Reasons for other residencies:a) Lifestyle: Organize and nurture your life at international level from lifestyle, major interests and wealth management.b) Security: Get benefits in a neutral country at higher safety and privacy more focusing.c) Real estates: Combination of international real estates and diverse the index of properties with special privileges for permanent residents.d) Opportunity: Maximize the business opportunities, investment, mobility, upgrade the life and education quality for your next generation.


1. Grenada - Citizenship by Investment:
Within the maximum of 6-month processing, your Grenadian passports will be successfully granted with full benefits as of Grenadian citizen.

2. Antigua & Barbuda - Citizenship by Investment:
To achieve an Antigua & Barbuda passport, the Investor should either make the donation as for the country's development fund or purchase as appropriate assigned real estates in Antigua & Barbuda.

3. Cyprus - Citizenship by Investment:
To be granted with Cypriot citizenship, the investor should just invest the adequate amount only; then gain full benefits of a European citizen.

* Reasons for dual citizenship:a) Travel visa-free: You can get travel visa-free to the countries that keep you wait for a long time for a travel visa to be issued.b) Mobility: You can get your life mobilized whenever you want.c) Freedom: Freer and more active with your dual citizenship and the second passport.d) Security: Your future secured whether you are a permanent resident or to retire at a country-safety-first.

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